About us

About Import Trade Corp
Welcome to Import Trade Corp.

We are one of South Florida’s few regional resellers of bulk and single qualities of general

merchandise based in Miami, Florida.

We have a magnitude expertise in handling the reselling of goods for organizations that are

looking to liquidate, closing out stock, have a surplus of items on hand that they would like to get

rid of or are simply trying to sell lots of goods or in bulk amounts and don’t know how to handle

that matter.

Don’t worry; we can take all your questions and concerns relating to that matter.

We have experience and great results in dealing with companies affiliated with the following


computer technology, medical technology and equipment, agricultural machinery, automotive

components, construction hardware, household electronics and appliances, clothing and fashion

apparel distributors.

We can take care of anything ranging from computers, sound systems, LED panels, shoes,

medical machines, and even tractor parts!

We have thousands of general goods available throughout our many warehouses in the South

Florida region.

We provide a wide range of local and international logistical and goods transportation services such as;

International air freight deliveries of goods, sea based international freight shipments, North

American trucking services, customs brokerages, warehousing, and a plethora of other logistical services.

Looking to liquidate, close your business, resell, and transport goods? Well! Look no further, we

at Import Trade Corp would be delighted to satisfy all your needs in a professional, timely,and courteous manner.

We at Import Trade Corp are constantly striving and aiming to broaden our operations and to serve our clients’ needs as best as we possibly can.



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